Hypnosis Society of Alberta - Code of Ethics

As a member of The Hypnosis Society of Alberta, I pledge myself to observe and maintain the Declaration of Principles of the Society and to constantly strive to conduct myself in a manner which will elevate the public image of hypnosis. I apply the following Code of Ethics to my work, believing these Standards to be essential to the honourable practice of Hypnotism.

  • I neither act, nor attempt to induce others to act, in any way which might adversely affect the acceptance of hypnosis by the public.
  • I will deal fairly and honestly with my subjects, acting always in their best interest and will hold confidential all information given to me.
  • I will conform to the highest standards of accuracy, truth and good taste, and will not knowingly disseminate false or misleading information nor make false claims as to the efficiency of Hypnosis.
  • I will engage in no practice which might tend to corrupt the integrity of The Hypnosis Society of Alberta.
  • I will never intentionally injure the reputation of a fellow member of the Society, nor will I employ methods tending to be derogatory to any other member.
  • I will willingly make my experience and services available to any other member of the Society.
  • I will immediately, without malice, disclose to the properly appointed officials of the Society any deviation from this Code by any other member.
  • I will not accept membership in any other group or organization which would require me to act in contravention of this Code.
  • In matters of dispute, I will make all the facts known to any examining body appointed by the Society, and will accept in arbitration the decision of said body.
  • I will always bear in mind these principles, my obligation to the needs of others, and my responsibilities as a member of The Hypnosis Society of Alberta.


If you ever feel I have acted in a manner that contradicts the above code of ethics, please contact

the Hypnosis Society of Alberta.

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