My Office Space

  • I work primarily out of my office located just off Elbow Drive SW at #201, 8408 Elbow Drive SW in the same building as Montreal Bagels and Dance with France. There are a number of therapists who utilize this space; it’s warm and inviting, perfect for hypnotherapy.
  • I also provide services through 430 Wellness at #2, 430 Acadia Drive SE. Mostly this is to complement the therapists and services already in place there, most of my clients will see me at my Elbow Drive office.
  • I am currently working on refining my methods for use on Skype, so I can do full sessions around the globe. Please visit my “Sessions via Skype” page for more information
  • In special situations, I do offer in-home visits soon, however, this would typically be for clients unable to travel due to their issues.


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