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Welcome! I’m Chris Barry and I’m a certified hypnotherapist and mental trainer. My goal is to help you to learn the power of your mind and in turn, help empower you to reach your goals, deal with negative experiences and make positive changes in your life. I specialize in helping clients deal with stress and anxiety but can also help with smoking cessation, insomnia, weight loss, improved sports performance, and so much more.




I have been a consulting hypnotist since mid-2009, when I moved to Calgary from Winnipeg. I have trained in various forms of hypnosis relating to therapy, originally as a graduate of the Calgary Hypnosis Academy. I have also trained in other hypnosis modalities, such as street and stage performance. I started my therapeutic hypnosis practice in 2010, had my first stage show in 2012, and started doing public street hypnosis in 2014.

For me, when you’re doing something you enjoy, the most important thing is to keep learning! There are many ways therapeutic hypnosis can be applied to a person’s situation; I’ve studied and consulted with other practitioners to be as well-educated as I can be so I can provide the most fitting help and assistance to my clients. I’m an executive member of the Hypnosis Society of Alberta, a regular attendee of the largest Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Hypnosis group in Calgary. I’m also a member in good standing of several hypnotist organizations, most notably the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) and I also enjoy being a street performer hypnotist. All of these have provided me with great learning experiences, training and of course, practice – all of which you will benefit from.

Applications of Hypnotherapy —

Hypnotherapy is an extremely versatile tool which specializes in dealing with problems that are ultimately rooted in the subconscious. Problems with memory, bad habits, harmful behaviors, self-improvement are all areas hypnosis is excellent at improving including:


Stress is becoming more and more of a concern in our lives and comes in different forms – exam anxiety, public speaking anxiety, performance anxiety… If you’ve ever talked to someone who has experienced hypnotism, they will tell you how relaxing it is. But more than just relaxing, we’ll find the cause of stress and create the resources within you to deal with it more effectively.

Losing Weight
One of the most common uses for hypnosis is losing weight. Having trouble shedding pounds? Craving the wrong foods? No motivation to get any exercise? Not exercising or sleeping enough? Let me help you get back on track by learning and accepting healthy new behaviors designed just for you and where you’re at in your weight loss journey to help you go to the next level.
Hypnosis has a very high success rate in smoking cessation. Have you been trying to “will” your way to cessation? A lot of clients have when they use the words “I’ve tried everything!” when they call me. But, they haven’t tried hypnosis and after a few sessions are glad they did. If you’re ready to stop now, then you can using hypnosis.
Fears and Phobias
Fears of everything from flying to spiders to just going outside are excellent examples of your subconscious taking an unhealthy fear and running with it. Do you want to know where your fears came from? Do you want to get rid of them for good?
Hypnosis may not be sleep, but it’s very effective and helping you get better at it. Sleep disorders can keep you from getting a good night’s sleep for a variety of reasons. Let’s find the obstacle to your sleep and remove it, and train your brain to go to sleep more effectively.
Pain Management
What would life be like if I could magically take away your pain today? Dealing with discomfort is one of the classic uses for hypnosis in medicine. Analgesia and anesthesia have a history in hypnosis dating back centuries, everything from surgery without chemical anesthesia to pain-free childbirth. Pain has an important role in telling us when something is wrong, but chronic pain can be a life-long debilitation and medication can be expensive, and rarely without side-effects.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Following World War I, hypnosis became popular in treating PTSD. From a hypnosis point of view, PTSD is a form of programming, allowed to impact your subconscious in a time of trauma, that triggers some form of stress after the fact. If we could get rid of that trigger, those unresolved negative associations, and thus remove the stress, what impact would that have on your life?
Compulsive, Unwanted Habits
The classic fear of hypnosis is that the hypnotist will make you do something you don’t want to do. The irony is many people already do this all the time and your hypnotist can help you NOT do it. Have a habit you just can’t control? Wouldn’t it be nice to have complete control over it? We all know what kind of track record New Year’s Resolutions have… some habits can be difficult to break. Well, difficult to break with conscious effort.
Fibromyalgia is one of those funny syndromes that exists on a continuum: not everyone experiences the same symptoms or the same causes. Sometimes it can be difficult to even diagnose. But the potential common causes and symptoms read like this web page: pain, insomnia, stress, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, there’s very little symptoms in fibromyalgia that hypnosis doesn’t help treat.
Addictions are habits, behaviours or patterns embedded deep into your subconscious which is why they are so hard to stop. These include smoking, drinking, drugs, eating, gambling, picking your nose, anything that you can’t seem to control no matter how hard you try. From a simple habit requiring one or two sessions to a major anti-addiction program supplemented by hypnotherapy to deal with that embedded behavior, hypnosis can help you get victory over it.


Find Your Solution —

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As a member of The Hypnosis Society of Alberta, I pledge myself to observe and maintain the Declaration of Principles of the Society and to constantly strive to conduct myself in a manner which will elevate the public image of hypnosis. I apply the following Code of Ethics to my work, believing these Standards to be essential to the honourable practice of Hypnotism.

  • I neither act, nor attempt to induce others to act, in any way which might adversely affect the acceptance of hypnosis by the public.
  • I will deal fairly and honestly with my subjects, acting always in their best interest and will hold confidential all information given to me.
  • I will conform to the highest standards of accuracy, truth and good taste, and will not knowingly disseminate false or misleading information nor make false claims as to the efficiency of Hypnosis.
  • I will engage in no practice which might tend to corrupt the integrity of The Hypnosis Society of Alberta.
  • I will never intentionally injure the reputation of a fellow member of the Society, nor will I employ methods tending to be derogatory to any other member.
  • I will willingly make my experience and services available to any other member of the Society.
  • I will immediately, without malice, disclose to the properly appointed officials of the Society any deviation from this Code by any other member.
  • I will not accept membership in any other group or organization which would require me to act in contravention of this Code.
  • In matters of dispute, I will make all the facts known to any examining body appointed by the Society, and will accept in arbitration the decision of said body.
  • I will always bear in mind these principles, my obligation to the needs of others, and my responsibilities as a member of The Hypnosis Society of Alberta.

If you ever feel I have acted in a manner that contradicts the above code of ethics, please contact

the Hypnosis Society of Alberta.



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