Skype Hypnosis Sessions



When you make a Skype appointment with me or anyone else, you need to be able to take the call at a time and place when you are free from distraction. A Skype appointment won’t work if you are making it because you are expecting an important call or have a baby to watch and need to be home for that. Your attention should be just as undivided over Skype as it would be if you were sitting in my office. That means cell phones off, doors closed, no disturbances. If you have distractions in the room, your session likely won’t be as effective and the quality of your session will be diminished.

Things to keep in mind:

  • If you have distractions in the room via Skype sessions, I am not accountable for the quality of your session and payment is still required.
  • Pre-payment of sessions will be required via PayPal.
  • Appointments will be booked as per normal, finding a time that is suitable for both parties.

Requirements for Skype Sessions:

  • A working microphone to ensure we can communicate verbally.
  • A webcam so I can visualize your state while under hypnosis.
  • A strong internet connection. If you don’t have a strong connection and the session keeps freezing or cutting out, it will negate any work we may be doing.

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