Hypnosis for Positive Personal Development

A common teaching point in many personal development courses is that when we start something new, we begin in a state of conscious incompetence, or recognizing that we don’t know what we’re doing, yet. Eventually we move to conscious competence or knowing what we’re doing, before finally arriving at unconscious competence, where the doing becomes natural and second nature.

Hey, there’s that word! “Unconscious”. That’s that thing we hypnotists deal with!

Hypnosis can help in many areas of life to speed up the process of “unconscious competence”. This could mean anything from sticking to that New Year’s Resolution, getting over that plateau in improving your rifle marksmanship, training police recruits to deal with emergencies and crisis in the safety of their own minds, improving your ability to learn by raising your information retention and recall, shaving strokes off your golf game, improving your musical proficiency. The list is endless.

Sometimes you don’t really have a need to get rid of something negative in your life. Maybe you don’t want to stop overeating, or drop that cigarette habit, or deal with some phobia or trauma. Maybe you just want to improve yourself in some area. Let’s go into more detail how hypnosis can help you with your personal development goals …

There’s a lot of things that can impact our confidence, and that little inner-voice criticizing us or reminding us of our flaws isn’t helping. Maybe you struggle with the idea of meeting a certain goal and it’s holding you back. Learn how to stay positive and confident and enjoy a healthy outlook.

Pre-Incident Mental Conditioning
This is for people like firefighters and police officers who deal with disasters and critical situations. Sometimes it’s difficult to stay calm, remember training, and process a hectic critical incident when you’re just beginning and don’t have experience to fall back on yet. By using hypnosis to train mentally and emotionally, these emergency personnel can handle high stress, life threatening situations more easily.

Sports Improvement
Visualization, guided imagery, and other forms of light hypnosis have been helping professional athletes improve everything from making basketball shots to marksmanship to martial arts to gymnastics for years. Everyone from Tiger Woods to Michael Jordan has used sports hypnosis to improve mental stamina, focus, clarity, and their overall ability to perform. Anyone seriously into sports knows it’s as mental as it is physical, and when it comes to the mental, your best trainer is a hypnotist.

Better Ability to Learn
Your long-term memory forgets nothing, but sometimes recall and retention need a little nudge. Ever try to remember something that’s on the tip of your tongue but you can’t quite get it? Ever have trouble recalling something you read ten minutes ago? Your subconscious is in charge of your long-term memory, so once again hypnosis is a great tool for improving it.

Skill Improvement
Much like sports performance, improving at a skill can be as mental as it is physical. Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can, or believe you can’t, you’re right.” The power of mental rehearsal alone can help take your skill in almost any area to the next level, especially if you’re having trouble or plateauing in some area.

Hypnosis and Yoga
Hypnosis is a natural tie-in to yoga for the fact that it will help you to achieve deeper levels of relaxation during your yoga practice, help you to continue your focus on your breathing, and if practiced regularly, will bring about a more calm state of mind to begin with.

Your creativity is another thing your subconscious is in charge of. Not only can hypnosis really release your creative energy and expression, it can also deal with the secondary problems that might be interfering with your creativity, like stress, negative self-talk, lack of motivation, and low self-confidence.

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